About Us

Why did you start a painting business?

I grew up in the residential painting industry. My dad had a painting company in Sarasota, doing mostly residential work. His high standards and great customer service inspired me, and really left a lasting impact.

That impact left me with a vision to start a business focused on making your home painting project easy, enjoyable and exciting. Most of my customers’ previous experiences with painting companies range from mildly negative to complete disaster – so it’s important to us to deliver a great experience.

I love being able to dramatically change the experience of a home painting project from an ongoing hassle to something completely enjoyable and fun. I like to call it the “HGTV” effect. I want people to feel special and important, and to know they are in good hands.

The cherry on the cake is the look on their face when they see their home completely transformed.

How long have you been in business for?

Oh, I’ve been painting professionally for almost 18 years now. Six years ago in NC, I began working for myself and then in early 2018 I moved back home to Sarasota and have slowly been building up my company and reputation in the area ever since.

What do you love most about painting?

I really love how painting can radically transform a space. There is also a kind of meditative flow-space that I go into while painting. But by far my absolutely favorite part is the satisfaction I bring to my customers after their project is complete.

After doing commercial painting, I can safely say that you just don’t get the same rewarding feeling as when you see how happy it makes someone to be reintroduced to their home. To fall in love with it again. Knowing I’ve provided a service that makes you feel better about being home – that is the greatest gift.

What have been some challenges for you?

Coming up in the trade and working for unscrupulous contractors that treated both employees and customers terribly, that was hard. Seeing customers pay for an overpriced job, and receiving lesser quality. This has been our driving force in running a business that cares. That treats its employees well and gives its customers the highest possible value.