Crafting A Legacy of Service and Excellence

Put simply, we're proud of knowing our stuff. We're proud of taking care of our people and showing folks that a home painting project can be fun, exciting and easy - not just a chore or an expense. It means consistently doing such a good job that we're remembered for our considerate service and the quality of our work.

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A Little About Us

Grove Street Painting has been proudly serving the residential and cabinet painting needs of residents in the Sarasota, FL area since early 2018. With our team of experienced, talented and respectful painters – we can’t wait to continue to establish a long tradition of customer enjoyment and satisfaction. A tradition we’ve already started and take great pride in.

Sarasota Interior Painting

When it comes to painting cabinets, you cannot approach it the same as other paint jobs. While walls and trim may get some abuse from time to time, nothing in the home gets touched and handled like your cabinets. And since kitchen cabinets are one of the most expensive features in a home, it’s crucial that the finish is as durable as possible.

Grove Street Painting maintains the highest standards and procedures for your cabinets – and we use only the best industrial wood coating, which far out-performs anything you can find in your local paint store.

Grove Street Painting specializes in working respectfully in your home. We pride ourselves in being clean and friendly guests while completing your project. From protecting all floors and furniture before and while working, to thoroughly cleaning the space once finished.

We adhere to strict systems to ensure every project is completed efficiently with as few disturbances as possible. We are also experts of coating science and are able to guarantee long lasting, beautiful finishes. Anyone can use a brush and roller but it takes a professional to understand the right process to achieve a quality professional painting job.

In Florida we are blessed with warmth and sunshine, but the climate can be brutal on our homes. That’s why it’s so important to protect your investment with the best exterior painting and application.

We are specialists in all exterior coating applications and procedures. We will walk you through the process we advise for your home and ensure that you get the most quality job to stand up to the elements.

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